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Back in my Own Bed

After 3 nights in hospital I was finally able to go home. Can honestly say I spent the worst nights of my life in there. It took a while to get my symptoms under control so the agonizing pain and vomiting really took over. Covid restrictions made it difficult for someone to visit which put strain on things too 😞. Luckily the ward made an exception when I was desperate. It has really been a tough month.

My discharge from hospital came as a surprise. I was expecting to be in at least a couple more days. I managed to keep things down for 24 hours! As long as I could keep drinking enough and could get myself to the toilet and back without passing out I was good to go! I knew in myself that medically I wasn’t quite ready to go but I REALLY wanted to. I worked my a** off that day practicing sitting up, sipping water as much as I could and sucking sweets for the energy no matter how sick I felt. Once the catheter came out I was really nervous about getting to the toilet. It was a short walk from my room and I knew if I fainted or was sick then I wasn’t going home.

I felt like a granny in my pink hospital gown and stockings being walked to the toilet. Thank goodness I made it and passed the test that my bladder was working normally (even if I did feel really faint but powered through 🙈). My bloods were also stable, no albumin infusion for me! After that, I didn’t hesitate, Sam came and collected me and I hobbled to the car feeling extremely weak (too stubborn for a wheelchair)! Typically they took my cannula out just before which really affected me and caused me to lie down for a good few minutes before I was able to leave -.-.

Having home comforts makes such a difference. Seeing Sam and my mum when I want to, constant cuddles from Winston 🐶. He is the best hot water bottle! I feel much less anxious. I can have my anti-sickness and pain killers as soon as I need them and do whatever I need to do. I HATED ringing the bell to ask for things, HATED being interrupted in the night as I instantly felt sick once woken up, HATED having to be patient and wait for things. It’s so hard being the patient when you know exactly what you need and how to get it BUT you’re not allowed to do it yourself (that would be frowned upon 😂).

Things are making a slow improvement, lots of meds on board but managing to eat little and often. Just about pottering around the house for short periods without passing out so each day can only get better 🤞. My ovaries were 10cm and 8cm and still taking forever to go down. The second I need a wee I’m in pain, there’s physically not enough room! Makes me feel funny even thinking about it 🤢 BUT I’m on the mend. I will hopefully be up properly and able to eat a Christmas dinner in a few days!

On a different note, I received my lovely invoice for the cost of the egg freezing 🙄. I was so worried about having to fund this as well as other costs coming out. My lovely mum has offered to pay it. I feel awful but she insisted, I really am so lucky. One big cost crossed off and a huge sigh of relief. I cannot thank her enough ❤.


Positive: I AM HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! Noticing improvements in myself every day really does help. One money worry is no more thank goodness and I can try to slowly recover before the next step in the new year (trying not to think that far yet). MERRY CHRISTMAS! ❄️ 🎄 ☃️

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