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Becoming a Pin Cushion

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

5 days post op have flown by, the boob has gone from blue to green and now yellow! Sore but manageable! The daily excercises are getting boring and becoming a chore- no more laughing at the chicken and the dumbo! Instead I just look and feel like a twat. I’m determined to still be able to go ice skating at winter wonderland next week 😬. Not sure if I’m being too optimistic or not but time will tell!

Today marked day 1/10 of hormone injections pre egg collection on the 17th. Sam had the delight of giving them to me and I had to try get in the zone in-between laughing and pushing him away because I wasn’t ready! Either Sams pretty good at injections or I’m braver than I thought! It wasnt that bad and thank god he didn’t say ‘sharp scratch’ just to take the piss 😂.

Having the injections may have been alright but the sting after the second one was not! No one mentioned I’d feel like I’d been stung by a dozen wasps! AND apparently this is a normal reaction! These drugs are nasty! I can’t even convince myself I’m doing it because I really want IVF and a baby because I was forced into this to just give me the option of a potential baby..eugh. Another 9 days sounds thrilling!. A good hour of itching and an anti- histamine later it settled down! Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow 🙈.


Positive: I think I may be over the needles and the fainting already! I’ve managed surgery without freaking out so reckon I’m good! I’ve learnt how oramorph actually works and the way it can make you feel to enable me to relate further with my patients 😍- even if it does make you feel like sh**.

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