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Being a Patient When They Know You’re a Nurse

Not sure if this post is a rant or a moan but let’s do it anyway! Throughout my job I’ve looked after many patients that are HCA’s, nurses, doctors etc. Of course it’s bound to be mentioned in the daily handover and everyones gonna have a little gossip BUT I would never mention it to the patient unless they did first! No one wants to know people are talking about you in a sense that isn't relevant to your care when you didn't tell them.

My experiences so far have been across the MRI scanner, my surgery AND my surgical admission. I have been told time and time again to switch off from work, don't worry about it, just focus on you. Yet when I’m having hospital care they seem to think I’m in nurse mode.. it is abit of a mind fu**. I best give you some examples! One of the many times I was being cannulated the nurse asked ME which vein I thought was best! Bearing in mind I was sh** scared and can’t bear to look with any needles yet I’m picking out my own vein because ‘your a nurse, what do you think?’ 🙈.

After my surgery I was told by the consultant that I would be sent home with some morphine. As it came to discharge me the nurse didn’t have any so I questioned it. She said well ‘what do you think?, as a nurse do you think you’ll need it?’. Like WHAT THE HELL. I’ve never had surgery like that and I have no idea how much pain I’m gonna be in whilst still high from the fentanyl 😂. I played safe and took it home and thank goodness I did! I hated second guessing my clinical judgement whilst in a vulnerable state in an area of nursing I have no idea about.

Finally, throughout my inpatient stay the majority of staff just outright asked me where I worked in the hospital. I hate to be reminded that I'm the girl from the cancer ward who now has cancer. Maybe I’m over sensitive but being torn from work and not knowing when I’m gonna be back stresses me out enough! When I’m back they’re all gonna recognise me now from the ward when I looked like I’d been through a hedge backwards 😂.

On a different note, my GP and consultant have always asked me if I’d rather be treated the same as anyone else rather than a healthcare professional and I always say YES. I don’t want to miss something or not be told because they assume I know with my job! This cancer nurse sh** having treatment in my own work place isn’t always so fun!


Positive: I’ve been in touch with the chemo unit and I know lots of amazing people up there so yes they obviously know I’m a nurse but they also know ME and I know they’re going to look after me ❤️ Trusting the process, one day at a time. Roll on tomorrow with the oncology consultant to get my chemo plan, wish me luck!

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