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Chemo 4/6 - My First Docetaxel 😬

Prior to round 4 I didn’t get a huge break in between as I picked up an awful cold! Luckily not Covid but this meant lots of bad night sleeps, groggy days and nosebleeds 🙈. This is the first time having docetaxel and you require to have steroids morning and evening the day before! This meant I was up from 4am the morning of treatment 😫. Deffo recommend taking your evening dose slightly earlier but can’t promise it will help the sleep especially mixed with new drug anxiety!

New vein had to take over this time , of course armed with numbing cream! Fingers crossed it can push through the last three to avoid a PICC line 🤞. The chemo took an hour to go through and was quicker than the EC. I was pretty desperate to get in an out , so over the hospital now! Luckily no major chemo reactions from the new drug but I did have such a bad coughing fit about 2 hours after treatment! Lasted best part of an hour, worlds driest cough that almost made me sick 🤢.

I have been told many times docetaxel is meant to be less sicky than the EC I had before and I can confirm on day + 2 this is true!! I would have never managed to go out the day of and day after chemo and this time I did! A short dog walk followed the next day by a little shopping trip with mum BUT this was followed by a lot of sleep! 🙈

The fatigue, aches and pains are starting to kick in now I must say! The addition of omeprazole has definitely helped with acid reflux from steroids so that’s a win! Not looking forward to starting my GCSF injections Saturday as these really do make the bones hurt but trialling the 5 days this time instead of 7 so we can be optimistic! I am still taking anti-sickness at the moment as I am such a sicky person but so far so good!! I’m not gonna give it the satisfaction of saying it’s a good chemo to be on but not quite as brutal as the EC 🤷‍♀️😂. My appetite isn’t amazing but without being crude I was told this one was more likely to cause the 💩 and so far we’re winning! 😂. The advice given to me was to never trust a fart 😂, definitely caused a few giggles!


Positive: So nearly there! My next infusion will be the second to last! Not quite sure how I feel about the next step of radiotherapy yet but we must remember one thing at a time! Having something to look forward to definitely helps keep you going and its now 13 days until my new Lucinda Ellery hair 😍. I cannot wait!! Ive been emailing over the last few weeks for an earlier appointment with no luck so its been a long time coming!

A little reminder: ‘The darker days will only make you stronger and the better days so much brighter! ☀️’

I have also shared a ‘Dear Cancer’ letter as invited by to their website. This has definitely helped me get rid of some built up feelings and they are an amazing forum for young women diagnosed with breast cancer ❤️- linked on my website/Instagram!

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