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Coming to Terms with the New You

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Accepting what I’ve been through and the

scars and memories that came with it isn’t always easy. I wouldn’t say I have fully come to terms with what’s actually happened to me yet or what’s to come. A comment my

lovely friend Claudia made has stuck with me ❤️ ’Your scars tell a story’. This is SO true, a story to be proud of. A reminder of strength and courage, a difficult time that tried to break you but failed. I am proud of what I have overcome so far and I

will continue jumping the hurdles throughout the next year of cancer treatment. I will be starting to use Bio-oil to help heal my scars, I will keep you in the loop on how well it works!

Eugh, new years eve. Seeing everyones highlights of the year on Instagram etc. makes me depressed. Its easy to get caught up in the dark cloud of cancer, that my whole year has been a write off. BUT I wasn’t diagnosed until November and actually my year up until then was pretty great. Reflecting on the brighter times is so important to keep your perspective even when you feel like your constantly being rained on.

Over the last year Sam and I bought a house! I completed several training courses through work and became more established in my senior role. We had a lovely trip to Centre Parcs in the summer and I feel like I am now a part of Sams family too! I had an amazing birthday, fun nights out with friends and a couple of gorgeous weddings! Life really isn’t all that bad. These things in life are sent to test you and make you stronger and I hope it’s doing just that.

I am having a relaxing evening tonight, celebrating the new year feels a little daft when I have a year of cancer treatment starting in January! I may be a little hypocritical of what I’ve just been saying about the positives but there’s a limit and it’s okay to feel sad sometimes. Cancer isn’t actually something to be happy about after all.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year ❤️


Positive: Today I found out my mum and Sams mum have signed up to take part in Pretty Muddy for Cancer Research in May next year! So touched and proud that they are raising money for such an important cause and on my behalf ❤️ Whilst they’re facing the mud, I’ll be facing chemo 👊

Take part or show your support and sponsor TEAM SOPH, link in homepage ☺️

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