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Eviction Day

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Lenny is gone! HUGE sigh of relief came with today! Thank goodness it’s done! Started my day with a light sugary breakfast and anxiously waiting 😬. In and out of nuclear medicine so fast and the nurse was lovely. Radioactive injection straight into the nip but it was actually alright! Little bit of a sting but nothing I couldn’t handle.. AND no fainting!

Sam and I had nearly two hours to kill at the hospital. It has such insufficient parking we were already on the roof level by half 9 so there was no way we could leave and come back as we planned. Sh** film in the car and the time soon flew by to go to day surgery. Sam dropped me off. My stomach was doing flips with nerves and felt so sick but I held it together and got straight on with it.

Plans changed a fair bit as my consultant was off unexpectedly today so I had a different consultant do my surgery and with a different technique! It was all such a rush. I was first on the list and all the magazines and stuff I bought wasn‘t needed at all! Got into my gown and off I went, at least I didn’t have to wait long! I was stressing as we didn’t get to go home in between before the surgery so I didn’t get to put ametop on my hand for the cannula! The anesthetist was so understanding and felt it would help with the fainting fiasco and got me some ☺️.

I don’t remember falling asleep, they didn’t ask me to count to ten which I expected and it didn’t feel like I just woke up straight away in recovery. I did lose my sense of time but felt like I’d had a lovely sleep! I was awake and dressed pretty fast and walking about. They weren’t joking about the wee it is literally like bright blue bleach! 🙈 It was a good job I was expecting it.

It went a little bit pear shaped once back on the ward as my wound started bleeding. I had to have a pressure dressing put on and and my surgical bra tightened which was abit sore. I was told I may not be able to go home if it didn’t stop which was awful to hear! Luckily the consultant re-dressed it again a little later and the bleeding slowed and I am now home!!! Topped up with drugs on my bedside table and of course sweets and chocolate! Came home to some lovely prezzies and winston cuddles.

They think they got all the cancer and fingers crossed they have. In 2 weeks I’ll get the results of my lymph node biopsy to find out if it definitely hasn’t spread 🤞(yes I do have a smurf boob from the dodgy blue dye) 😂. The dye also decided to turn my face a deathly grey, safe to say they were all abit worried about me at first until they realised I was actually fine 🙈.


Positive: Technically, if they got all the cancer I am cancer free! Now just got to keep the bas**** from returning! Cannulas I’m getting used to and the whole surgery experience went so smooth and really wasn’t that bad! Anyone having upcoming surgery please don’t stress! Trust the process!

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