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It’s a No Bra Day!

The countdown is over! The shi*** post surgery bra is no more!! (I gave in and removed a day early! More proof that nurses are THE WORST patients!) The girls are free! The amount of times I got in to my pyjamas after a shower and forgot to put it on and had to re get dressed -.- 😂. In all fairness it’s pretty comfy, if anyones having boob surgery M and S is the place to go! BUT wearing it all day AND all night was not the one. On the plus side it has helped with the healing process and shaping of my botched boob and it doesn’t look as bad!- still blue though 😳.

I got my genetic blood test form in the post so that will be taking a trip to the hospital with me wednesday. Since my break after surgery up until now I‘ve got abit too comfortable with the no needles lark again. Even the thought of a blood test is making me squirm!

Next chapter is chemo! Appointment in a couple of days to get the dates confirmed and then it’s really happening. Since I posted last I started up my instagram @breastcancerat26. As much as the purpose was to reach out and help others it has really helped me! I’ve become part of a new support system, all those that can relate really do have your back! I’ve spoken to some amazing, kind girls who give nothing but love and support for what’s to come!

Scalp cooling is something I’ve explored and the lovely Georgia who reached out to me over insta sent me the link to a fab website which i’ll add to the quick links! I’d seen scalp cooling take place before at work but never knew much about it. I don’t hold out much hope for its success. I didn’t realise you have to pre wet your hair and condition it AND wear it for such a long time pre/post chemo. I’ve heard the first 15mins are not going to be pleasant and anyone that knows me knows I am ALWAYS cold ❄️.

Still kind of stressed about my work colleagues having to see me go through the process of gradually having less hair at each cycle 😔. I also didn’t realise that scalp cooling as much as it tries to prevent as much hair loss as possible it also prevents follicle damage to enable it to grow back AND to a similar state it was before! Really hoping I can stick with it even if I will be frozen! The final drug I’m having has the potential to cause permanent hair loss- let’s not even go there!

I’ve been in touch with Pretty Little Wigs by Hollie who I linked previously and will be ordering my wig soon! I will not leave the house without some form of hair so hopefully it will be a game changer! I hate going with the flow and holding off buying it but I guess we don’t know how much of a success the coolings gonna be. I’ve debated cutting my hair short and donating it pre- chemo but again we just don’t know! So selfish me is keeping it firmly on my head for now!


Positive: Its nearly time to get the next chapter going and the sooner it does the sooner it’s over! Fundraising is going extremely better than I expected. Ready for Team Soph at Pretty Muddy in May. Can’t thank you all enough for donating to such an important cause and the poor souls getting cold and wet in the mud! Hopefully I’ll be well enough to cheer them on at the finish line! To think this time 4 weeks ago I was going through fertility preservation we have come along way already!

One final HUGE positive, Sam and I are picking up our gorgeous new fur baby THIS MORNING! Call me crazy but fu** it. Now I have two therapy pups and so much love and happiness at home. ❤️ Winston is going to be the best big brother to Evie!

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