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It’s Not All Bad

Coming from more positive vibes today, not my usual forte I know 🙈. I am now just over 2 weeks since finishing radiotherapy and I still have yet to experience any nasty side effects! Gradually building energy levels back up, no sore skin and just getting back to enjoying life! Sam and I have had a great few days away in Center Parcs and then saw Ed Sheeran in Wembley which was insane!

Prior to cancer I 100% took life for granted. Now I see happiness in the simplest of things and appreciate those special moments so much more! I definitely shed a tear or two at the concert with the sea of lights and had to just take it all in. I just felt so grateful to still be here and get to experience something so amazing. Survivors guilt is definitely a thing though.

Since having my horrific experience with fertility preservation back in December I was convinced I was infertile. No period for 8 months BUT today that changed 😆. Sorry if it’s TMI but this means I may still be able to have children naturally down the line! That’s insane. Our bodies are truly incredible.

I’m currently having no treatment, I’m due to see my surgeon and oncologist on Monday to discuss the next steps. Hormone therapy 😬. For now I’m enjoying no meds which may be the last time for the next 10 years!

A little more info on the work front, I am officially going back to nursing 21st July! I have had excellent support from occupational health and my team and will be heading back on a 6 week phase return! Thank goodness I’m not going straight back to 12 hour shifts 🙈! I start at 4 hours and gradually work my way up.. phew!

At the moment I feel okay but I do still feel sad about the loss of my hair and the lumpy scars I’ve been left with. On the inside I’m feeling me again I just wish the outside would bounce back too but as usual it’s not a quick fix! Picking yourself up is so important and remembering how far you have come! Literally no reason to be hard on yourself at all!


Positive: Perspective is huge! Focusing on the positives and reflecting on the things you HAVE got and HAVE achieved really brings the light back. Holding on to the dark times and the things that get you down achieves nothing, literally nothing! Easier said than done I know but just try remember that, life is what YOU make it 🥰

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