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Normality is Fast Approaching

Today I had round 7/10 of radiotherapy! Still going well and minimal side effects. A little more tired than usual but nothing an afternoon nap can’t fix! 🙈 My skin is a little sore to touch but nothing visible and just using nivea soft moisturiser twice a day!

My ’booster’ radiotherapy sessions for the last five take a little longer as they’re targeting the area where bas**** Lenny was more specifically. Still no pain or anything so finding it a breeze compared to chemo and loving the break from the needles!

Normality is fast approaching aka getting back to work. I have a meeting coming up with my manager to discuss my plans and occupational health are also calling me in a couple of weeks! Scary stuff! I have been out of the loop for a good 7 months so it‘s not going to be easy!

I have had moments of anxiety and fixating on certain aspects of my job in my mind, worrying if I’ve forgotten things BUT I just have to switch that off and remind myself that doing so is NOT achieving anything!! I need to be in the present and deal with whatever comes as it happens! I can do it! 👊

Radiotherapy finishes on Wednesday! I then have 4 weeks to recover before phasing back into work! I have a follow up with my surgeon and my oncologist beginning of July to talk about maintenance therapy and my medical plan for the next 3 years 😬. This will include daily hormone tablets, 3 monthly injections as well as 6 monthly infusions! It’s going to be a little odd being back at work and discussing patients with the consultant I’m also under the care of… weird!


Positive: Onwards and upwards! The future may be scary but its nothing I haven’t done before. Each day is a step in the right direction and nearly the beginning of the rest of my life which this gruelling treatment has granted me. That’s something we can be grateful for ❤️

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