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Operation Evict Lenny

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The first hurdle for me is surgery; a partial mastectomy and sentinel node biopsy (in simple terms Lenny and 2cm of his surrounding home get binned) and I get to keep some of my boob- HOORAY. My armpit takes the brunt to get the lymph nodes out for testing and fingers crossed that will be the surgery bit complete.

I’ve had plenty of bed time reading about my upcoming op and a few things have definitely stood out! They have to use a blue dye to find my lymph node meaning I may be left with a smurf boob for quite a few weeks and some green wee! (They like to keep it interesting!).

My op is scheduled for the 30th November but may be brought forward to the 24th if I’m lucky so you are now up to date! I am sh** scared and dreading all the needles but again one step at a time!! I am lucky that it should only be a day case procedure and will be able to be in the comfort of my own bed the same evening! I have been promised I will be treated to a new dressing gown and slippers for my day at the hospital to match my ever so fetching ted stockings (extremely ugly green tight socks) but if they’re gonna stop me getting a clot then let’s do it!

All in all as awful as these procedures may sound right now this experience is going to make me a better nurse. Who else can better empathise with patients going through cancer than someone who’s lived through it! Everything happens for a reason and maybe this is what I was supposed to do- who knows what the future holds!


Positive- Getting new comfies is always a bonus no matter the situation. I’m gonna be the best dressed pre-op patient they’ve ever seen- maybe not so much after! I am thankful I should be able to go home the same day and amazed how far hospital care has come to give patients the best outcome for their physical and mental well-being (and free up a hospital bed!)

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