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Plans on Hold

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Since COVID I have had a holiday to Florida already delayed by two years and I REALLY wanted to go. That ship has well and truly sailed. If you ever want to book a holiday use Flight Centre- cannot recommend enough!! BUT one year of shi**y cancer treatment to have the rest of my life isn’t a bad deal I guess!

Delaying my holiday was bad enough but my boyfriends trip to New York is now on hold too and I have never felt so guilty. The dates clash with my operation coming up and he didn’t want to leave me (He’s a good egg). We’re pretending he’s not going because of the existing covid restrictions rather than me so I can try and feel less of a burden but I still feel super bad!

I was working as a senior staff nurse on an inpatient cancer ward and was progressing and hoping to pick up a specialist role in the near future but that has gone down the drain (for now!). Who knew you’d feel so guilty for not being at work. I felt as if I was being over dramatic and I could still work- there’s nothing physically wrong with me but the reality soon set in. I felt guilty going out and doing nice things to occupy my mind as you automatically think that when you‘re off sick you’re on house arrest! I have learnt that mental health is just as important and sometimes that trip out to eat your weight in food is exactly what you need! (I have done this many times now!).

My boyfriend and I bought a house earlier this year and took out life insurance to cover the mortgage. I may be a very unlucky 26 year old but my luck came back in other ways as I took out critical illness cover- this could be the best thing I have ever done!! A pay out of funds may just take my money worries away to bridge my wage whilst I’m not fit to work (if they pay out that is! The claim went in last thursday ). BUT I am so lucky to work for the NHS and be entitled to 6 months full sick pay which really helps.


Positive: Don’t cut corners and pay that extra few quid for critical illness cover! Recognise that you are the most important and if your mental or physical health is under fire then look after yourself!- it’s okay to be selfish.

If you want to get life insurance AND critical illness cover this is the one I use!

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