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Radiotherapy Begins

Today marked day 1/10 of radiotherapy, parking at the hospital is a bloody nightmare , had to leave an hour before just to make sure I could get parked!

I arrived at the radiotherapy main reception and there was no one there so was left stood like a lemon for a while! Finally got to ask someone and headed to the machine I was due to have treatment at and the waiting room was full 😫. No one offered to give me direction they just all stared at me whilst they sat in their chairs and you have nowhere to go! I then found someone else to ask and was told to go and wait in a different waiting room which was stressing me out! I was asked if I needed a gown and I was like umm yes I think so!? 🙈 I sat in this other waiting room with a gown in my lap with anxiety building as to when or where was I supposed to get changed! I may work in the hospital but I’ve never had radiotherapy before and this experience stressed me out, I hate the unknown.. especially when you are on your own!

The machine was running late so I eventually got the courage to find the toilet to get changed and sat in my gown amongst lots of other dressed people for over an hour wondering if I’d even done the right thing! I felt so vulnerable and emotional, held back the tears whilst I waited. Eventually another lady appeared and asked for a gown and got changed so at least I wasn’t the only person sat in a gown 🤷‍♀️.

Anyone going for radiotherapy bring a big enough bag for your clothes! I had to stuff my bra in my tiny bag and have the rest in my lap.. not ideal!

I shouldn’t be here, I should be out enjoying my life at 26. You think , oh it’s just a quick 15 minute appointment everyday for two weeks, won’t impact me too much. At least thats what I thought! Well… session one has proven otherwise! 2 hours of my day gone before they'd even seen me! After an hour of waiting I asked the HCA what was going on who then said I was next in and moved me to a different waiting area as it was closer to where I was having treatment as the place I was supposed to wait was STILL full 🙄. What a polava!

Anyway.. down to business. I finally got into the treatment room and usual confirmation of name and DOB. Then you lie on the machine exactly like you did for the planning CT so no surprises. You do have to get the girls out though and it’s quite chilly! I had a couple of X-rays first as it was my first treatment and then the actual treatment only took minutes! Theres 3 red lasers pointing at you from the ceiling and just a buzzing noise when the treatments given. Completely painless!

It all eventually made sense about the gown scenario as they told me to take it home and keep it for all of my sessions! At least I’m equipped for the rest now! Felt pretty emotional and teary waiting all that time, just hit home a bit!


Positive: First one done and dusted! At least I now know what to expect and I got to take a gown home! 😂 I also noticed there’s a bell in radiotherapy too so you just watch I’ll be there ringing it on treatment 10! 🎉

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