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Retrieving the Eggs

This morning I arrived in day surgery once again (different hospital this time!) for my eggs to be collected. Things are definitely more nerve racking in a hospital you’re not familiar with! Hopefully this will ensure me some babies in the future. On arrival it was all so quick, fancy purple gown and my dressing down and slippers were able to flaunt the ward once again!

The consultant reviewed me before and said they’re looking at harvesting 34 eggs! (that isn’t a good thing - 20 would have been too many)! I am on a low threshold to go to A & E during my recovery over the next few days as my risk of severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome has increased! I guess they weren’t prepared to do IVF prep on a 26 year old with fully functional ovaries. I am now receiving the brunt of it- they gave me waaaay too many hormones!! 🙄 I needed bloods before the procedure to ensure my albumin isn’t too low (protein that keeps fluids in the right places of the body) and I may need an albumin infusion next week 😬. I have so many follicles in my ovaries that they have also decided to drain them as they all contain fluid which may cause lots of complications for me. I will need a follow up scan on Monday to check I’m alright 🙈. Safe to say the next few days are not looking the brightest!

Surgery went really well apart from it took 3 attempts to cannulate me which wasn’t pleasant! From the 50+ follicles they got 34 eggs! I again just felt like I’d had a really lovely sleep which was nice and all the staff were lovely. The number of eggs were split in two so some can be used for embryos. Overall, out of the first half 12 eggs were good and have already been frozen! I will hear tomorrow about how many of the second half used for embryos have successfully been fertilized and can be frozen! Lots of potential future babies in the bank!

Getting on my feet again was quite difficult after surgery. The fainting has made its appearance again and could barely sit up without nearly passing out 🙄 BUT I managed eventually! The bloated feeling is real and my tummy is triple the size. I literally feel like I can’t bend in the middle! Lots of pain killers and rest for me and fingers crossed I can stay away from the hospital- at least until monday!

I have a genetics appointment on the 23rd to discuss if I’ll be tested for the breast cancer gene BRCA. I found out today that you can actually have embryos tested for the gene if you do and select those you wish to freeze that do not carry it! Amazing that you can actually protect future offspring from such a nasty mutation (It’s abit too late for me but that for someone else is so good and very interesting)!


Positive: All the surgery stuff is complete! No more hormone injections or being put to sleep! I now have some time to recuperate and get myself ready for the next hurdle.. chemo. It’s quite disheartening going into the new year knowing what I have to come but I always remind myself… each day I complete brings me one step closer to the end of all this madness. I cannot wait!

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