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Round Two 💉

As I cry into my phone, today has been the toughest day of my life. Started by waking up with a huge Matt at the back of my head and little did I know it was going to become a hell of a lot worse!

Took paracetamol anti-sickness straight from this morning and luckily have not been sick yet 🤞. We have already improved from round one. Went with the head band method for scalp cooling today which was abit more comfy! BUT it was still fu**ing cold. Luckily my friend Katie appeared to see me just as it went on so helped distract me for the first awful 10 minutes! Of course Sam was with me too as always.

Slept for around 4 hours when I got home, it’s hair wash day so had a bath and this is where it got bad. My hair was a giant matt after being wet. And I’ve literally got barely any hair left now. Today has ended with lots of tears and a sore bank balance. The wig has been ordered. Who knew you had to pay a tax fee on top so that’s over a £1000 out the window. Life is so unfair. I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself. I have a headache, trying not to throw up, I now have humongous bald patches and in even more debt 👍🏻. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

I have one more week to wait for the final decision if my critical illness insurance is going to pay out and I am absolutely praying for this now 🙏. Stress, stress and more stress.


Positive: Atleast I don’t have to wear the shi*** cold cap again! I am a third of the way through and I really mean it this time. FU** YOU CANCER 🖕🏻

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