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Scan Day!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

I did it and I’m so bloody proud of myself!!! MRI scan at 7:15 this morning and it was a blessing in disguise as it was way too early so I was still half asleep! Prepped my arms with numbing cream and turns out I’m allergic to it and developed a lovely rash before I went in! BUT it works! So impressed, slight scratch with that bas**** cannula but so much better than anticipated. I did nearly pass out as expected and had to lie down for a good while but you know what, I did it! AND NO TEARS! Mum waited patiently for a good hour and all I kept thinking about was how bored she must be!

I’m so happy I had to lie on my front even with the stupid boob tray I had to lie on! Once I got up afterwards I realised how claustrophobic it actually is! As much as I’m sad I’m not able to work at the moment and feel like I’m being left behind, I’m learning more and more each appointment! I have taken many patients to MRI but never experienced one or having a cannula with contrast. I can now reassure patients and explain things better from my own experience! All the staff were so lovely too and can’t fault it! A day full of home comforts with my mum to follow now and no more hospitals until next Tuesday! (At the moment). A well needed break for me!


Positive: Cannulas are not pleasant but I‘ve proved I can do it which gives me so much resssurance with everything I have to come. I am stronger than I ever thought and surprising myself every day!

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