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Sh**s Getting Real

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Had the dreaded missed call from the hospital today and a voicemail to call back. Anxiety and worry take over and I couldn’t get back hold of them for a good few hours which wasn’t fun! I spent my day busy and distracted and forgot about all this crap for a little while until then.

Lennys eviction date has been confirmed to the 30th November! They have decided I need an MRI and of course the first thing I asked was is that with or without contrast!? In other words am I going to be stabbed with a needle!? Of course the answer was yes, brill. The first of many! I should hear by the end of this week when this lovely event is happening. I could already cry at the thought (sad I know but I can’t help it!). Maybe all this will get me over this stupid fear. Also, those that know me know I am partial to a faint or two (or three!) and I hope that doesn’t happen as well as tears. Could it get any worse!?

My next follow up is on the 24th November with the specialist nurse to sign on the dotted line and get this sh** confirmed. Just really want it all over and done with and this is only the beginning.. eugh. On the plus side my lovely mum is going to come with me to this appointment and keep me company.

My op being confirmed on the 30th is actually great news and that’s not me being sarcastic! My boyfriend and I booked to go to Winter Wonderland in early December and this means we can actually go! Thank goodness. I actually have something to look forward to again and I really needed that.


Positive: I’m grateful the ball is rolling and I have a plan. I’m so thankful for my family and friends bending over backwards and ensuring I have the support I need.

Having contrast with my MRI scan means a cannula BUT gives a clearer image. This means I may not need dodgy wires put in before my surgery to map out Lenny. That would be a HUGE weight off my shoulders! I would need to be awake during it and I’m sure you know how I feel about that!

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