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The Cost of a Cancer Diagnosis

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Yesterday was an overwhelming day. I had to wait in all day for my lovely pile of injections to arrive. Just looking at them and finding room in the fridge made me feel sick. I just don’t know if I can do it. Can I really sit there and be injected twice a day for 10 whole days?! However, I keep being reminded that I don’t actually have a choice… of course!

To top off my day the fertility clinic called and told us the NHS will not fund freezing eggs and embryos just one or the other. My instant reaction was to cry as they reeled off the prices of things. I wasn’t prepared for this! I’m not ready for children yet but now I’m planning my future. Deciding if I should pay for eggs too in case Sam and I arn’t together in the future.. like what the hell! I didn’t ask to have cancer or to go through IVF and now I’m expected to magic money to afford it. It really is stress after stress at the moment, just add it to the pile! 🙄

Looking at the bigger picture I am lucky. I get decent sick pay and it’s a miracle the NHS can fund as much as they do. I couldn’t imagine having to pay for all health care as they do in other countries. BUT it is so unfair 😞. Cancer comes with sacrifice and so far we’ve had to get a partial refund on my holiday to pay off my credit card to try and relieve future money worries. I am literally relying on my life insurance to pay out! I need it to help bridge my wage if I’m not well enough to work whilst having chemo/ radiotherapy. AND to pay for this IVF AND a decent wig so I will actually go outside with my zero hair. If they don’t approve my claim I will be in a sorry state. Yes there is lots of support for finance such as on macmillan BUT you have to meet a certain criteria. As Sam and I both have decent jobs we are instantly out of getting financial help. We could be worse off but the stress of all these sudden payments that literally came out of nowhere starts to take a toll.

Just to share with you, at my last appointment I was introduced to Shine Cancer Support. I’ve attached the link in the quick links tab but it’s so helpful. I’m gradually weaning myself into reading stories and looking at pictures of those undergoing treatment. It sounds crazy as with work I’m usually in the thick of it giving the chemo but now it’s so personal. I struggle to look at anything now! You can decide what type of cancer or age group and read others stories. It just shows you really are not alone!


Positive: Through the heavy fog of negativity putting things into perspective really shows how lucky we really are. The NHS is amazing and if I had to pay for everything it doesn’t bear thinking about!

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