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The First Hospital Admission

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Where do I even start.. it has been a gruelling 24 hours. Friday night when I got home from the egg collection, the bloating, pain and sickness got gradually worse. I couldn’t even get out of bed without feeling faint and vomiting instantly. I literally had to crawl to the bathroom with Sam in front with a sick bowl. Bl**dy awful. We were given an emergency number for the consultant following my surgery but they didn’t get back to us. After a couple of hours of intense pain, mum dragged me to A & E.

I’ve never been prodded, injected or been physically sick this much in my life. I spent my day in A & E crying in pain with my head in a sick bowl. Literally had every IV anti-sickness under the sun and nothing touched it, the IV morphine has a nice kick to it though. I’ve had a cannula in the same spot 3 times this week and the bruises are starting to show. I was right in my last post and the daily injections are back and they still sting like a bit**.

Last night I spent my first night in hospital since I was 2! It was really stressful being alone and in pain and having the courage to ring the call bell and ask for help. They don’t tend to give IV morphine on the wards so last night was the worst yet, IV paracetamol wasn’t cutting it and I couldn’t keep anything else down. Due to COVID I’m not allowed any visitors for 72 hours. BUT they gave in and let Sam in at half 6 this morning to try and calm me down after all the upset, even if it was for only 10 minutes.

My ovaries are so large from all the hormones injected before egg collection that they’re leaking fluid into my abdomen which is making me so sick. On the scan this morning they were 8cm big! I have been well and truly placed into the patient role with a catheter too 😞.. GRIM. This morning my ward doctor didn’t even know I had cancer and just thought I was trying to get pregnant! It blows my mind that people have several cycles of IVF but I guess I’m that ‘special case’ remember. I seem to suffer from all the rarities. AND that even people do this willingly as egg donors- you can count me out!

I’ve spent the last 24 hours lying completely flat as that’s all I could bare but I’ve managed to sit up a tiny bit today. I could be in hospital for up to a week but I REALLY hope to make it out for Christmas. I was prepared to be in hospital at some point throughout chemo but never thought it would happen before I’d even started!

Positive: I am in the right place and on the mend. As awful as this is the IVF is done and I can safely say I’m never doing it again. Another day crossed off towards a full recovery 🤞.

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