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The Good and the Bad

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Today is the last day of my hormone injections, thank goodness! It has not all been plain sailing. I have really suffered with abdominal pain and vomiting. I was unable to eat any food for a good couple of days and only managing sips of water. My ovaries are currently over stimulated from all the hormone drugs 😞. Me and ET’s finger met again today, I have approx. 30 follicles in one ovary and 20 in the other and the normal number is between 6-12! My ovaries have swelled significantly and trust me I know about it! Struggling to even wee properly as there’s no room for my bladder anymore!

The persistent vomiting and abdo pain landed me in A & E last night. The consultant was concerned as I have ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and it can make you high risk of blood clots. I had to have a nasty blood thinning injection and now wearing the lovely ted stockings again! Enoxoparin injections are so common in hospital to prevent clots and I would give it to the majority of my patients every evening! I really do empathise! They sting like a bitc* ! (I have an awful feeling they’re gonna put me on daily thinning injections after my egg collection on Friday 😞)! I may not have escaped the daily injections for long!

I also had intravenous anti-sickness and pain relief and my god I feel so much better! I have managed to eat today and keep it down and only been sick once so hopefully that’s that done (for now)! The cannula didn’t phase me at all- I am literally a changed women! I was in and out within 3 hours it was amazing!

Now for the GOOD NEWS! As well as the fertilic clinic I also had my post op review! The wounds all look good and my lymph node biopsy is CLEAR! The margins are all clear too! The consultant literally said to me ‘you don’t have cancer anymore’! LIKE WHAT!? I was relieved that I didn’t have to have anymore surgery but I wasn’t even that excited which made me sad. It was abit of an anti-climax. It’s hard to process that the cancer is gone and be happy when I’ve still got to undergo 6 cycles of chemo, radiotherapy AND 10 years of hormone therapy! Such a long road ahead.

The fertility consultant then called me this afternoon and said how worried she is about me because of my huge response to the hormones. She wanted to hear my voice after seeing my scan! My final hormone injection (due at 10pm tonight) that encourages the follicles to release the eggs is apparently going to make my symptoms worse. I’m very high risk of a clot in my legs and lungs. I have barely drank anything over the last 3 days and I’ve been strongly told to have atleast 2 litres of water a day (I’m trying!!). It’s kind of hard when you throw everything up 🙄. She literally said ‘take it from me, you have a rough few weeks ahead’- FAB! 😬

Once I’ve had my egg collection on Friday I will be free for Christmas! No chemo plan appointment until 12th January 😬. I will be having scalp cooling too to try and reduce hair loss from my chemo- I am praying it works but really do not have high hopes for this! I have been looking into wigs and found ‘Pretty Little Wigs by Hollie’ on Instagram. I haven’t bought one yet but she was so helpful in trying to find a colour match and they look SO real!! (Will attach url in the quick links tab).


Positive: I AM CANCER FREE! Only preventative measures to follow now to stop Lenny coming back to his old squat house! I have basically overcome my needle fear already with zero fainting! AND my fertility treatment is almost complete! Today is a good day!

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