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The Half Way Point!

Prior to having my own cancer diagnosis I never used to like the term ‘fighting’ cancer but now that I’m living it everything is literally a battle. A battle to get up in the morning due to the extreme fatigue, a battle to eat when you feel so sick and a battle to take all the meds even though you don’t want to or you can’t remember the last time you took them 😂.

Wednesday this week meant I have reached the half way point with chemo, 3 down and 3 to go! Thought I’d mastered the not throwing up part with this chemo but that failed on the 3rd go! Been pretty sick and awful but also proud of myself as yesterday Day +1 I managed some house work and cooked a roast dinner! Go me!!

My next cycle on the 23rd is a new drug for my last 3- docetaxel! I have been really conscious of weight gain on the steroids and this drug involves even more steroids 😩. Funny how you have drugs that make you so sick that you’re probably eating less than you ever did but you gain weight with stupid water retention!! Not ideal! It‘s less likely to make me sicky thank goodness but I’ve been warned of the other end 💩 🙈, fu**ing fabulous!

Gradually finding a balance of getting out and living life as normal as possible on the good days and forcing myself to sit and rest on the bad (well as much as I can 😂).


Positive: Hitting the half way point just proves I can do it and will continue to do it! I’m embracing the wig a lot more and having more of a fu** it mentality as over-thinking and caring too much is not the way forward!

Each day is another one ticked and now only 61 days until the last one! Phew!

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