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The Lashes Fell And Then Came The Tears 😢

3rd EC chemo day +18 marks the day my lashes and eye brows almost disappeared! I had recently asked others on Instagram when this was likely to happen and sounded like I was out of the woods until my next cycle but ya know the bad luck just keeps on coming!

Typically before I got diagnosed I got into lash extensions. I am very fair and look even more like a moon face without them. Went to clean them as normal before my lash appointment the following day and my face was covered in them. Lash extensions attached to my natural lashes 😫. I also woke up the same morning with basically no eye brows left. I’m relying on the very few faint hairs to stay to guide me on where my eye brows once were for my attempt at drawing them in! 😂. Many people have suggested eye brow tattoo transfers but these terrify me! I would 100% look like I have slugs above my eyes!

I have some eyelure C lash strip lashes which I gave a little go at during my panic after they all fell out. So far I am not a fan. The tape that secures to your eyelid is shiny and obvious. I’m not one to usually wear eyeliner so difficult to cover up and look natural! Haven’t ruled them out yet though! We will continue to try! All products I’ve used are linked on my page! I may also try a fair few others as well as the magnetic clear liner but ya know these are all expensive and I’m just trying to survive whilst not working 😂.

Cycle 4 starts Wednesday which means docetaxel! Today I have been to see my consultant and had pre-chemo Covid swab and bloods. Fingers crossed I get to have chemo Wednesday as I’ve been battling a horrific cold over the past week. Lots of bogeys = nosebleeds for me! Been testing and not Covid so far but it seems to be everywhere at the moment 😫.

So far I have avoided a PICC line but they’ve used the same vein for all 3 chemos so far and my god has it given up! The last one was abit painful as it went through and then about a week later it felt bruised. It is now rock solid to touch, lovely and scarred! Thanks chemo! Hopefully another vein will manage the last 3 🤞, if not I’ll be training Sam up on weekly PICC dressings and avoiding infection at all costs! 🤓

Ametop at the ready and the bloods were done! Really hating the standard awkward chat you get in hospitals at the moment. it’s the same everytime and I’ve had a fair few trips 😂. ‘How are you finding treatment?’, ‘It will soon be over’. Makes me feel abit generalized, just a cancer patient. I know people are just being nice but I’m so over it ya know; just stab my arm and I’ll be on my way 😂. I got to do my own Covid swab today which was a treat, see we’re still digging out those little positives!

My consultant said I’m still doing really well! I’ve asked for some omeprazole to helps whilst on the steroids with acid reflux! My main side effects have been from the injections GCSF so we’re gonna trial just 5 days instead of 7 which I am soo pleased about! 2 less stabs and will hopefully feel abit better sooner but there’s a small chance I could be neutropenic but time will tell! If bloods results come back good we are set for cycle 4 Wednesday! 👊


Positive: Raising your concerns is so important to help your drs/ nurses help you! It’s funny in my position as I just get asked what I want prescribed being a nurse but it makes all the difference to try and tailor your care to you and make it as doable as possible! Fingers crossed the docetaxel is slightly more manageable than the EC was but time will tell! 😬

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