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The Next Chapter!

Firstly, let’s have a little re-cap on the best day ever! Pretty Muddy Race for Life went so incredibly well! I was so overwhelmed by all the team in their ’Team Soph’ t-shirts and it actually sunk in a little bit what I’ve actually been through. That it’s actually happening to ME! Crazy how your body tries to protect you from the bad and only lets you take in so much! I may have cried a little!

With the help of my amazing family and friends I got round the course and managed every obstacle!! We all did so amazing and what lovely memories we have now made! My Instagram video summing up the day makes me cry everytime I watch it 🙈😂.

I was 10 days post chemo and I think the adrenaline got me round but my god the two days after I was not okay 😂. My hands and feet are so dry and cracked. I have blisters that love to bleed uncontrollably! My nails were hanging on for dear life after chemo and my little toe has had it! I was also experiencing a rash all over my cheeks from chemo that was like literal sunburn so felt like I was hot flushing all the time which wasn’t fun! (Steroid cream fixed it literally within a day!). Oh and my entire body aches and basically doesn’t work anymore , the poor dogs are getting a very short walk at the moment 😂🙈 BUT it was worth it!

Most importantly we have raised a whopping £5,084!!!!!! Amazing achievement for such an important cause and will go towards the crucial research needed to save so many lives 🥰

NOW…. on another note, today marked the first day of something new.. Radiotherapy!! This is the last step for me in ‘active treatment’ , thank goodness!! Today I had my planning CT scan so they can measure me up for the machine and place permanent tattoo dots on me to ensure they are radiating where they should be!

I was a little nervous for today as I hate anything new. I work very close to the radiotherapy department and even share a staff room with them but I’ve very rarely actually gone there 😂. They were all so lovely and I saw lots of people I recognised (slightly awkward getting the boobs out but ah well 😂).

The scan itself was super quick. I got to wear a lovely gown and I always impress myself with the radiotherapy ones as they have an extra arm hole that make it confusing 😂. My first experience of a CT, I had to shut my eyes as the spinning of the machine was making me feel sick! You do have to be uncovered for the duration of the scan but they don’t care and to be honest I’m sort of beyond caring too! It was a little bit chilly though 😂! They don’t lie when they said it sounds like the London Underground! They watch you from a little room and they have eyes on you with a camera and can talk to you so it’s really not scary at all! I had my arms up above my head holding onto some handles and it wasn’t that uncomfortable at all!

The tattoo dots I was most worried about, I hate needles.. STILL , especially when I’m not 100% about what they’re gonna do with them 😂. They drew a cross with one either side of me and one in the middle of my chest. She then placed a little dot of ink on each cross (I thought it was done by this point to my disappointment it was not!! ). She then literally pin pricked me with a little needle on each ink splodge! Tiny little scratch but nothing to complain about and it was all done! Can barely notice them!

I’m pleased I now have a plan in place, last radiotherapy session should fall on the 15th June! The plan then is to have a good 4 weeks to recover and then I will be phasing back into the nursing world !😬.


Positive: The end is in sight! Don’t do a me and worry about silly things you can’t control! Worrying achieves NOTHING! Live in the present and what will be will be! ❤️

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