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Weight Gain 😬

So not only was getting cancer bad enough, oh and losing every hair on my body BUT cancer treatment also includes nasty little things called steroids and hormone blockers = piling on the pounds!

My cancer is oestrogen fed (greedy bugger) so my chemo regime includes steroids and then once chemos done I have to be on hormone blockers for up to 10 years! This also includes early menopause in my 20’s! Let’s add that to the list of the sh** that comes with cancer! I mean it really is not clouds and rainbows is it 😂.

I had my 5th pre-chemo check yesterday and I was surprised how much my nursey instict wanted to come out! An elderly man in the waiting room was so uncomfy in the chairs bless him and I was so tempted to go and get him a recliner from my ward next door 😂. No Soph.. you are a patient today! THEN the man started moaning as he wanted to see the same consultant as me but was booked with a registrar. I’d already been waiting half n hour and they were so busy and now the man wanted to squeeze in so typical Soph was like ‘tell the consultant to call me, I’m literally fine then that man can have my appointment‘ and off I went! Atleast I didn’t have to wait any longer 😂.

However, during the phone call later I mentioned that I had gained half a stone since starting treatment aka STEROIDS! The consultant wasn’t surprised at all and sort of said well just got to try and be active as possible when you can. So not only when I am in the chemo pit bed ridden some days I feel guilty for not being able to clean and tidy I now get to add not going to the gym to the list 😂. It’s so hard because during chemo you don’t really feel like eating much but then when you’re well again you just want all your favourite unhealthy things but feel guilty for it because your getting fat whether you eat or not 🙈. Eugh! I then said ‘well.. won’t the hormone treatment make me fat too?!’. She laughed and said in a very high pitch ‘maaaybeee’. So clearly it’s destined for me to gain a few 😂. Looks like I’ll be living in the gym on the good days and eating leaves only.

BUT come on guys we know thats not going to happen! 😂. I have always said to my patients, eat what you want when you want! I‘ve been told by a few people that all these things are future Sophie’s problem. It’s so true, like I haven’t got enough to deal with 😂.


Positive: Obs, bloods and swab are all good for chemo no.5 tomorrow! The moral of my waffle is..Cancer may change many things about you that are out of your control but you are still you. These changes are temporary and they do not define you. Just managing a cancer diagnosis on the daily is a huge achievement so the worries of no hair, gaining weight etc. can seriously bore off for now. You are still your beautiful self and stronger than you were before cancer came along, nothing can change that. ❤️

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