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Welcomed to the World of Alternative Hair 💆🏼‍♀️

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

EC #2 Day + 2 and I feel wiped out! But I haven’t been sick once!! Also, learnt to lay off the cyclizine abit this time so I’m a tad more awake! Saying that, I did sleep a good 4 hours earlier! Must have needed it 😴. My lovely friend Vicky sent me some sleepy shower gel and pillow mist so gonna give that a good go tonight as tonight’s the night the steroids like to keep me up 🥺!

Today was a nerve wracking day, waiting for my wig to arrive and honestly if I’d hated it I don’t know how I would have coped! I found ‘Pretty Little Wigs by Hollie’ on Instagram who I linked on my website previously and honestly she got it so right! Im not gonna lie and say it’s a complete fix as I still have a sore bald head underneath and still wearing head scarves around the house at the moment but it’s made such a huge difference! I will atleast be going outside and getting my confidence up in the near future once these side effects have worn off abit! 😴 I went for a real human hair lace front wig in ‘Willow’ 18-20 inches. Hollie was amazing in colour matching and it was sent next day delivery! She also helped me with changing the parting so it looks more like my natural hair! The lovely Tash from the charity LEAF who I mentioned previously has also said she’ll help me style it and cut it a little so it’s looks even more real! Couldn’t be happier with it!

It’s not been easy at all and I’ve only just really started taking my head scarf off in front of Sam around the house! (Makes no sense I know seeing as he shaved it but I still feel a little embarrassed and lacking in confidence). Haven’t quite reached the owning it phase yet- but doing my best! I will gradually venture outdoors again once I’ve found my feet and feel up to seeing all my friends and family again once feeling abit brighter! ☀️ The brighter days are on the way!!

Tomorrow equals day 1 out of 7 to inject again woohoo! Lots of numbing cream for me 💉. The migraine patches or as Sam calls ‘sanitary towels’ are stocked up again at the ready considering the aches and pains I got last time! BUT this treatment is saving my life so we’ll keep getting on with it with as many smiles as I can!


Positive: Thank you all for supporting me in this journey and continuing to raise awareness of breast cancer particularly at such a young age! Keep checking your boobs and setting reminders to do it often! Anything new for you get checked and you can’t go wrong! Never ever feel like you’re wasting time! I almost cancelled my GP appointment the day before my lump was checked because I assumed I was being silly and thank god I didn’t do that!

Fundraising is still going well for Pretty Muddy with a grand total of £1,505.43 so far! AMAZING!! Now I’ve braved the shave I’m hoping I’ll have a little bit of re-growth come May! Can’t risk the new wig getting muddy! 😳 OR I really will have to own the shaved look but that’s for another day! 😇

I’m sure I’ll get there like so many other inspirational women out there facing the same battle as me 👊. Instagram has been a huge support tool for me. WE GOT THIS.

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